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    TaeKwonDo for teaching self discipline and self defense!

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    Held to the standards of TaeKwonDo headquarters in South Korea!

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After School Care

Before school, after school, or even just for study. Song's Elite Martial arts is the safest after school program available for your child. We even offer school pickups!

We offer full day TaeKwonDo camp experiences where children learn self discipline and self defense.

Our camps are offered during the schools breaks during the winter, summer and spring.

Every great journey starts with one step.

About OUR school

We have been operating in Brighton, Colorado for more than 20 years!

We teach traditional TaeKwonDo and are a state licensed school. We aid in childcare as well.

We strive to instill the 5 tenets of TaeKwonDo. Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable spirit in all of our students. TaeKwonDo is also a great way to develop an increase respect and confidence.

Hyunsoon Song

Master Instructor

Our Instructors

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Practicing courtesy to all others in the dojang (training area or school) as well as people you may meet outside of formal Taekwondo training.
The ability to determine the difference between what's right or wrong and being able to stand up for what is ethically correct.
The willingness of a Taekwondo student to continue to struggle against all odds to reach their goal.
Maintaining a pure mind as well as a pure body to control over your thoughts as well as your actions.
Having the courage to stand up for your beliefs and to stay strong in those beliefs and convictions no matter what the odds against you may be.

Located In Brighton Colorado!

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2424 E Bridge St
Brighton, CO
Working Hours
daily: 9am - 8pm

Song’s Elite Martial Arts has specialized in martial arts since 2010 and has one of the most innovative programs for children and adults in Brighton, Co.